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Automated packaging with igus Gantry

Harga Hardware:







In this video, the igus gantry system in the Customer Testing Area is introduced. The gantry system is equipped with a pneumatic suction gripper used for pick-and-place tasks.The video begins with an overview of the igus gantry system. This state-of-the-art system is capable of precisely moving objects in a three-dimensional space. It is specifically designed for industrial applications and can perform a variety of tasks.In the next section of the video, we see the pneumatic suction gripper in action. This gripper is capable of handling cartons (packaging material) safely and efficiently.

With its help, the gantry system performs a pick-and-place task: it picks up a carton, moves it to another location, and places it there.The video impressively shows how the igus gantry system and the pneumatic suction gripper work together to efficiently and precisely accomplish this task. It’s an excellent example of igus’ advanced technology and its application in real industrial environments.In summary, the video provides a deep insight into the capabilities of the igus gantry system and the pneumatic suction gripper.

It shows how these technologies can help optimize industrial processes and increase efficiency. It’s a must-watch for anyone interested in modern robotics and automation.

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